Thursday, April 15, 2010

A trip to New York

With graduation quickly approaching, It will be exciting to see my old and dear friend in NY.  But, first, my wonderful Daughter in law will be pinned, full RN in 2010.  She has worked so hard to make this happen, and I am so proud of all her accomplishments!  We are going to see Emily graduate the PA program at RIT soon, and are also very proud of her!  I am looking forward to spending a couple days with a dear friend that has relocated to NY, and seeing some new things. The drive there, not so much, but I know it will be a great experience. Summer is just around the corner, and am excited about all the outdoor activities that go with it.

a visit with my granddaughter

My 3rd grandchild, Casey, has been here with us for some much needed R & R.  She is such a joy to be with.  We have done a whole lot of relaxing, garage sales, and just spending time together.  It is not often that a young person can just relax and enjoy the downtime.  She is unique. Memorable moments with her as she develops and notices the changes of pregnancy, are precious. I enjoy her so much.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

a new direction but still crafting

 whole month since my last post, I have been busy.  Grands to visit and things to catch up on, and started a new venture with my own house cleaning service.  quite literally fell into it, and realized, I like the schedule, because I can make it my own. still need to find the time to till and plant the garden. more later, hopefully.