Saturday, November 28, 2009

the thread..

As of late, I have been crocheting like mad.  Scarves and a new simple stitch I found, that I really like. Three colors below, puff stitch. (R) WIProgress- puff stitch.  Crochet is my therapy.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Spending time with Casey

Casey, my granddaughter spent a few days with me, and we had a very creative time.  We browsed an antique store in Clifton, and spent time in the studio.  She drew a picture of the apron she wanted, her fav color is blue.  So from her drawing, we collectively designed an apron for her.  She has always wanted an apron, now she has one. She is so much fun, and so creative, also worked on her mom's birthday present. I so enjoy time with her.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Christmas projects

Today I was looking for Christmas fabric in my stash, I found these 2 prints, and made 4 fancy reversible dinner napkins, and folded in the tree fold. Voila!  The weather has turned colder today and is just right to be in my studio.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Working in my studio

So many buttons, so little space, what to do?
This is one option that works well, and also serves to display.

Crochet and Knit Corner Yarns, kneedles and relaxation.

A wreath made from Vintage Spools of thread.

Finally got the fabric sorted> so much better.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Thread, Zippers, and Buttons!

While working at my mother in laws home yesterday, I discovered,  it is quite possible  that she enjoyed sewing as much or more than I do. My Heavenly Days! Buttons galore, Thread from back in the days when they put in on Wooden spools, mucho gusto! The zippers- well she must have found a fantastic sale on these babies,  all sizes, nylon and metal, all colors, lots of orange, I have truly hit the mother lode of sewing stuff.  It most likely would not mean much to anyone else, but oh my gosh! My eyes just glazed over with delight as I looked upon the treasure.  Since sewing is my thing, among others, it was meant to be that I should gather them all up and give them a loving studio to reside in until they reach thier potential. So, I did, I brought all the zippers, probably 2-3 hundred, i am guessing, and the wonderful buttons, and thread. I just had to do it.  I was helpless in the moment and could not resist. Crazy, ? perhaps, but you know, that is just alright with me. I love being an individual, like no other. My work is ahead of me for many days of creating with the new found treasure. I just started sorting the zippers, and cannot say that I have even made a dent in them.  Buttons, well I have to think about how to even begin to photograph them.  Any ideas anyone?

Friday, November 6, 2009

My Soul Twin

As I visited with Lu today, I was inspired at her ability to remain positive. She has always been a very positive and  wonderful person. I am INSPIRED by her attitude to remain positive.  Though she has had a fair share of health issues for some time, she remains positive.  I believe that her strong faith in God enables her to do this.  She is my soul twin. She just always makes my day. I cannot say in words how much I love her and respect her.  I have told her this. I feel that we should be vocal with the people that we love, and let them know how we feel. On the drive back home, I wondered, "Who inspires You? and why? To all those before me, and those that will love and live after me, I wondered...

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Thrill of the Thread
Oh, the "Thrill of the Thread" so many possibilities, so much room for creativity.

I have been  busily working on things for my online shop. please take a look and tell me what you'd like for me to make for you.  These cell phone cases are my own design and pattern. Thus, original. the embellishments are not there yet, as I am still deciding how and what I want to do that is different, making it my own. I am an original, just like my creations, thus, I choose not to copy another's work, but dream ideas of my own.