Monday, November 9, 2009

Thread, Zippers, and Buttons!

While working at my mother in laws home yesterday, I discovered,  it is quite possible  that she enjoyed sewing as much or more than I do. My Heavenly Days! Buttons galore, Thread from back in the days when they put in on Wooden spools, mucho gusto! The zippers- well she must have found a fantastic sale on these babies,  all sizes, nylon and metal, all colors, lots of orange, I have truly hit the mother lode of sewing stuff.  It most likely would not mean much to anyone else, but oh my gosh! My eyes just glazed over with delight as I looked upon the treasure.  Since sewing is my thing, among others, it was meant to be that I should gather them all up and give them a loving studio to reside in until they reach thier potential. So, I did, I brought all the zippers, probably 2-3 hundred, i am guessing, and the wonderful buttons, and thread. I just had to do it.  I was helpless in the moment and could not resist. Crazy, ? perhaps, but you know, that is just alright with me. I love being an individual, like no other. My work is ahead of me for many days of creating with the new found treasure. I just started sorting the zippers, and cannot say that I have even made a dent in them.  Buttons, well I have to think about how to even begin to photograph them.  Any ideas anyone?


  1. I love your creativity and enthusiasm...and I love you.
    Doug Duke

  2. Spools galore! (Somehow I'm not surprised.)

    Here's a couple of possible uses for old thread/spools I've seen in my wanderings...

    A Spool Advent Calendar

    And she used the extra thread for birds nests

    And, of course, SPOOL DOLLS!