Monday, July 12, 2010

Renovating our Airstream

After putting it on the market for a month, It did not sell.  I am glad, because that gives me the opportunity to really re do it.  First off, Out with the old flooring, and in with new laminate.  Out with the original sofa, in with 2 comfy chairs. Still deciding which ones to use. So then on to the all new painted interior. Really makes a big difference. To date, I am approximately 3/4 finished..  Ordered the fabric for the custom drapes that I will make, and the G-slides that hold them in the original track.  I am excited about  making them, to truly give it the custom look I am going for. It is my desire to find a good graphic artist, to do some airbrush work on the exterior.  If I can't find one, well I will consider doing it myself.
this photo is a preview of where I am for now. Living room~more to follow after completion.

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